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The U.S. Ambassador’s Small Grants Program (ASGP) to Support Gender Equality in Afghanistan worked to improve the status and quality of life of Afghan women and girls throughout the country. Funded through a $39 million cooperative agreement from the U.S. Government, ASGP was administered by USAID and implemented by Creative Associates International (Creative). ASGP was awarded in June 2009 and closed in February 2012. During the two and a half years of program implementation, ASGP worked to improve the status and quality of life of more than 400,000 Afghan women and girls nationwide, awarding $16,512,688 in small grant funding to 1,005 Afghan organizations.

ASGP worked closely with the Afghan Ministry of Women’s Affairs (MoWA) and Afghan civil society organizations in all 34 provinces of Afghanistan and 187 districts-almost half (47%) of all the country’s districts. ASGP provided tailored technical assistance and ongoing support to build the capacity of 887 nascent and 91 more established Afghan women-focused organizations. It also worked to advocate for improved rights for women and girls. Through program activities, women nationwide were able to gain a voice in their communities and empowered to achieve positive change within their families and communities. ASGP improved women’s and girl’s access to education, supported economic development and vocational training opportunities, provided improved health awareness, and enhanced women’s social and political participation.

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