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Kabul Women Skills Development Association (KWSDA)

Kabul Women Skills Development Association (KWSDA) was established in 2007 in an under-developed part of Kabul city by a group of widows and poor women. The Association develops the capacity of women through vocational skills training in stone carving, embroidery, jewelry making, and literacy. With support from ASGP, KWSDA provided women with vocational skills and literacy training. 85 women received training in stone carving and embroidery, enabling them to generate steady income for their families. ASGP helped KWSDA improve its production and marketing, and enabled the organization to export some of its jewelry to the United States. 500 women are permanent members of KWSDA. The Association has trained 4,000 women in gender awareness and has also provided public awareness on election rights to 100 women.

Success Story: Generating Income for Women