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Fazila Masood Handicraft Vocational and Cultural Association

The Fazila Masood Handicrafts, Vocational and Cultural Association was established in 2009 by a former schoolteacher. Before ASGP funding, it provided literacy and tailoring classes for women using only its own resources. Through ASGP, the Association received a Quick Impact Grant to provide funding for literacy classes for 50 women and girls. The majority of participants were internally displaced women who supported their families primarily through weaving carpets. For many school-age girls, the Fazila Masood Association provided the only opportunity to obtain an education as their parents were not able to afford the materials needed to send the children to traditional schools. Classes were taught each morning by volunteers in the community.

After the successful completion of the ASGP grant, the Association struggled to find alternate funding sources and has had to decrease the number of students enrolled due to funding shortfalls.